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I'm Rob Ainsley. In May–early June 2019 I cycled a Polish End to End.

Read about this, about my other international End to End rides, and about much more, at my new website e2e.bike.

You can read daily blog posts for the trip here, from Łysa Polana on Day 1 to Jastrzębia Góra on Day 15.

Łysa Polana, my start point, is down on the Slovakian border near Zakopane.

From there I headed up through Krákow, Łódź and Gdańsk to Jastrzębia Góra, where the country's most northerly point is marked by the monument Gwiazda Północy ('Northern Star') — the ceremonial end of my trip (pic).

After Jastrzębia Góra I carried on to the village of Hel at the end of a long sand spit that juts out east from there. That's right: this trip was a Journey to Hel.

The total End to End distance was 570 miles, and took two leisurely weeks of 40–45 miles a day, on a bike that cost me £80. I didn't spend much more than that on accommodation or food and drink in the two weeks.

This trip is part of my long-term project of cycling international End to Ends:

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